Enjoy your holidays | Paxos Island

  • Bella Vista Villas and Suites

    The fully refurbished Bella Vista Villas and Suites are located on the east coast of Paxos, on one of the hills surrounding Gaios, the capital of the island. Guests can enjoy their holidays on one of the messonaites and sense absolute tranquillity whilst gazing at the blue Ionian sea.

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  • Facilities

    The outside area of the villa gives the opportunity to the guest to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the day (garden, swimming pool, BBQ) or even at night enjoying a drink under the starry sky.

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  • Paxos Island

    In Greek, the name is a plural form and it refers to a group of islands and rocks, the most important of which are Paxos and Antipaxos (a smaller nearby island famous for its sandy beaches).

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